In Remembrance of Donna Watson

I am sorry to share the news that the Bridge club lost a dear friend on Friday, November 25th.  Donna Watson was taken ill the previous weekend.  I spoke to her on Saturday morning when she had to cancel coming to the game because she was “low on oxygen count and thought it best to find out what was going on.”  Apparently she was admitted to St. Vincent’s on Sunday night and was diagnosed with a virulent staphylococcus infection.  By Thursday her doctors knew they were losing the battle.  It is my understanding that Donna has been taken back to Oklahoma for burial by her sons.   

Donna was a special gal and ALWAYS had a smile to share with everyone!!  No bridge hand EVER got her down.  The Saturday before last she told me all about spending 2 weeks in Hawaii visiting old friends on two different islands.  Wow.  What a gal.  She looked great and tanned. I asked if she had a bikini line?  That got a big laugh and she assured me “those days were long over!”   But with Donna, I wouldn’t be so sure……  Donna never let an opportunity to have fun pass her by!

Thank you all in our club for being so kind and tolerant with her sight problem, macular degeneration.  It meant the world to her to be able to play with us and she was glad I shared her problem with you all and very thankful for your patience.  Carolyn 



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